“Encuentro Cannábico” comes back this spring, with both Mexico’s and worldwide’s cannabic culture’s best.

Entrepreneurship, conferences, medical info, artists and the most decorated brands, all together in this special event. 

On April 28th and 29th, we’ll come together to celebrate this year’s event, in the middle of Ciudad de México.

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See you in April!

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This production did not start as a film itself. It began as a trip between Barcelona’s streets, with Frenchy, Kimberlu, Oceane and Leo. I was there with my partner Lance, in order to meet Frenchy and tape his hashish workshops, in some of the local cannabic clubs. The first thing I noted about Frenchie, were all of these labyrinth shaped lines that appeared over his face whenever he smiled and hugged me.


This is a man that keeps on smiling all of the time, I thought. His smile was contagious. 

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Expoweed 2023

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América’s cannabis fair.

Encuentro Cannábico

“Encuentro Cannábico” comes back this spring, with worldwide and Mexico’s cannabic culture’s best. 


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